Episode 2 Paul Brady on Hope, Passion and Potential

Episode 2 Paul Brady on Hope, Passion and Potential


“This is a vocation to me” – Paul Brady

If your biggest problem is being “busy” or your commute to work takes “too long”, this will be an important conversation for you to hear.

I interviewed Paul back in November. It was a cold night. That dry, crisp weather where you don’t mind being outside.

It was around 8 pm, and I remember walking across the Samuel Beckett Bridge and looking across the city. Dublin looked great – the convention centre was lit up, and you could see the cars snaking across O’Connell Bridge in the distance.

I kept walking – across the Samuel Beckett Bridge, into the IFSC, around onto Amiens Street. About 100 metres past Connolly station, I crossed the road onto Buckingham Street where Belvedere Youth Club is based.

Belvedere Youth Club doesn’t look like much from the outside. The facade looks like the front of any of the old terrace houses on the street. But as you walk in, the place opens up into a massive labyrinth filled with computer rooms, a sports hall, a theatre and games rooms.

I meet Paul at the door. He shows me around before we start the interview.

What comes across throughout our conversation is Paul’s passion for his work. He loves the energy and vibrancy of the club. He has been involved with the club since he was a member. As he says, he joined the club the same year Elvis died.

But what is amazing to me is that Paul’s passion has persisted throughout all that time in what are extremely difficult conditions.

After the interview, I walked home the same way I came. But I felt different. I stopped on the Samuel Beckett bridge and looked out over the city.

This conversation has given me a different perspective. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If you would like to get involved in Belvedere Youth Club, you can visit their website. Or email, info@belvedereyouthclub.ie.


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