Episode 3 Michael McDermott on Inspiration


This week’s episode is with Michael McDermott (@miguelmyriad). Michael runs a really cool website called Just Six Degrees. It’s a simple but brilliant idea: he reaches out to a person who has inspired him and asks them the question, “who in the world is inspiring you right now?”. When he gets an answer, he’ll contact that person and ask them the same question. And he continues following the trail of breadcrumbs until he’s made six connections.

Just Six Degrees is a goldmine. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, go on and check out some of the creators featured there.

Michael was also the co-founder of a very cool and very aptly titled online magazine called LeCool Dublin. LeCool used to be a staple of my week. Every Thursday I would get an email with the latest issue which had all the coolest events happening in Dublin in the following week. It’s one of the few mailing lists I didn’t unsubscribe from! And that’s because it was always good!

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For now, though, please enjoy this week’s episode.

Question of the day: who’s inspiring you right now? Let me know in the comments.

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