Episode 8 Keith Burke on Life, Music and Tango Dancing


Keith Burke


A few years ago, I played a gig with Keith Burke’s band. It was a hot July night. And it was even hotter by the time you had walked the four flights of stairs to get up to the Odessa club in Dublin. You’d cool down quickly though. It was a dark, romantically-lit room. I remember the sound of talking and laughing and clinking glasses getting louder and louder as more people began to arrive. Without saying a word, Keith signaled to me and the other musicians that it was time to start. As we made our way to the stage, I noticed the volume of the crowd drop. By the time Keith is standing at the microphone, the room was silent. Keith doesn’t get nervous. He smiles at the audience, they smiles back… the band begins to play.


There is an intimacy to a Keith Burke gig that is quite unique..


I was hoping to capture some of that intimacy in this interview. You are going to hear a conversation between two friends. You are also going to hear a bit of an experiment in the format of the podcast… Keith released an album last year called These Boys. We play a few tracks from the album, with Keith introducing the songs. Just as he would at one of his gigs.


Thanks to everyone who has listened to the podcast so far. A big shout goes to Graham Keatley who left a blush-worthy review on iTunes. If you haven’t already, please head over and subscribe, rate and review.


If you have any story ideas, I’d love to hear from you. You can find me on Twitter. Or you can email me.


For now though, please enjoy this conversation with Keith Burke.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 8 Keith Burke on Life, Music and Tango Dancing

  1. Well done, Keid. Saw you years ago with the KB band. Looking to arrange some music, May-ish, in the Naul National School in congress with the Fingal County Council Declan Mac nGórmáin fellowship grant (details attached). Can you get in touch asap possible? Many thanks. M


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