Episode 9 Elva Carri on Girl Crew, Entrepreneurship, and Mary Robinson

Elva Carri (header image)



“If a business needs you, it can never scale” – Elva Carri


Elva Carri (@elvacarri) is co-founder of Girl Crew.


I love the Girl Crew origin story… Finding all her friends were busy one Friday night when she was keen to go out dancing, Elva changed her settings on Tinder to make sure she’d show up to girls in her area. Using a big pink text graphic as a profile image, she explained she was in fact female and was simply looking for some new friends to head out dancing with. Much to her surprise, Elva accumulated over 100 matches within 24 hours


A few weeks later, Elva set up a private Facebook group and asked the girls from Tinder to join. A few hours after setting up the group, Elva returned to her computer to find that dozens had joined the group and girls were already organising events and spreading the word. It was at that moment the penny dropped and Elva realised the potential of this idea. Girl Crew was born.


Girl Crew now has almost 85,000 members in 46 cities, spanning multiple counties. Alongside Elva are her two co-founders Aine Molloy and Pamela Newenham.


In this conversation we talk about what life like at an early-stage start-up, how the Girl Crew team took the initial idea from Tinder to Facebook and how they are now bringing it to the next level with the Girl Crew app. We also talk about spirituality – Elva was raised in the Baha’i Faith and we chat about how the Baha’i Faith has influenced her personal and business life.


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