Des Mullally – Dublin 8

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This week’s episode is with Des Mullally. Des runs Facebook page called Dublin 8 where he collects and share stories about Dublin richest historic quarter. Ever since the Vikings first saw its potential, Dublin 8 has been the heartbeat of the city.


And there’s a lot here! Dublin 8 is home to museums, theaters, monuments, Cathedrals and a world famous brewery; not to mention Ireland’s oldest street, pub, library and fish & chip shop.

In this episode, Des takes me on a walking tour of Dublin 8. And what’s amazing is that the sites he shows me are sites that I have been ignorantly walking past for years. Des sees the world differently to most people. While most of us have our heads in smartphones, Des looks up. He notices what’s interesting. And then he goes a step further – he shares what he notices. And in doing so he connects people with the past, provides joy through nostalgia and inspires the rest of us to look up.


I’m experimenting with a different format for this episode. I’d love your feedback. You can leave a comment below or email me. Or you find me on Twitter.


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