Episode 12 Andrew Considine – Professional Mentor and Success Coach

013 Andrew Considine (1)


If you had told Andrew Considine at age 15 that we would be the first one of his class from school to get a job, he would not have believed you. In fact neither would his teachers, family or friends!  And if you had also told them he would join the priesthood at 20, move to Ireland, fall in love and leave the seminary by age 28, they would of thought you were cracked all together…


Nowadays Andrew is a personal and professional development coach. He works with businesses and individuals as a speaker, trainer and coach.


Andrew’s Twitter handle sums in up his work perfectly, it’s @inspireachieve. Please hello to him there. You can also check out his website, andrewconsidine.com.


This week’s story is only the tip of the Andrew Considine iceberg. The original interview was over an hour long. Next week I will be releasing the full unedited interview where we talk about Andrew’s work in a lot more detail.


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I’ll be back next week with more stories from everyday people.


(Music is from Sound of Picture)


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