Episode 15 Eric Fitzpatrick on Speaking, Storytelling and Spurs

015 Eric Fitzpatrick.jpg



If you are afraid of public speaking, it’s reassuring to know that every great communicator has been in your shoes. They have felt their chest tighten and their palms sweat.


Eric Fitzpatrick was no different. At the start of our conversation tells the story of his first time speaking in public: “I’m pretty sure that no one in the room that day would have encouraged me to write a book about presentations!”. But that’s exactly what he did. Since then, Eric has dedicated himself to helping others get over that fear.


My guest this week is Eric Fitzpatrick. In our chat we talk about Eric’s journey from his first speech to now where Eric is a Speaking Coach and Professional Speaker. In his new book, Persuade On Purpose, he outlines the “T.R.U.E Presentation” model. This a great a tool for helping people to create to create memorable, engaging and persuasive speeches and presentations.


If you ever have to speak in public, you’ll get a lot out of listening to this conversation: reassurance, insight and practical advice.


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