Episode 18: Philip McKernan, The Enlightened Hooligan

018 Philip McKernan


A few years ago, I was listening to a podcast called London Real. London Real features interviews with the most interesting people on the planet. One week, the latest episode of London Real comes out and it’s this guy Philip McKernan who I had’t heard of – I press play and a of a sudden there’s an Irish accent. I’m used to hearing American and British accents on London Real and now here’s a Dublin accent. “Who is this guy?”, I thought.


So the accent got me interested. And then I listened to what Philip was saying and his message got me hooked. Philip has an amazing gift of cutting to the core of what’s important. And what’s most important is not always the most comfortable.


He’ll ask a question like, ‘What conversation do not want to have?’


Who do you want approval from right now?


Are you driven towards your goals because they are valuable in themselves, or because you want to make a point to someone?


Are you living authentically, or at the mercy of a story that no longer works for you?


These are hard, uncomfortable and necessary questions to answer.


So I became a fan. And last year I went to a screening of Philip’s film, ‘Give & Grow’.


Before the film started, Philip got up to speak to introduce the film. He spoke about the importance of teachers and mentors . And he spoke about out one of his own mentors. A man who was sitting in the audience. The man’s name was Trevor Garrett and he was Philip’s teacher in school. Philip said that Trevor believed in him when no one else did. Trevor came down to the stage where Philip was speaking and the two men hugged. There was a huge round of applause from everyone in the cinema.


So in my preparation for interviewing Philip, I decided to get in touch with Philip’s teacher Trevor. I sent him a Facebook message just saying, ‘Hi, i was at the screening, I’m interviewing Philip… what would you like to ask him…?” Trevor replied a few hours later saying:


“Hi Conor, You might ask Phil what is his reaction when he hears the term…. Dyslexia ?. Also why is it that so many creative people have to leave Ireland to become self aware…….. Does he still feel that being President of Ireland would be something he could contribute to ?. How do you know when someone has faith in you ?. Has he ever worn a uniform since he left school because he didn’t really wear on then ?. Tell him I said that…”


If you like the sound of any of those topics, have a listen. I think you’ll enjoy it!


Please forgive the sound quality for the first five minutes of the episode. We recorded this over Skype. We had a few minor connection problems which disappear after a five minutes. Stay with us.


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