About me

Hi, I’m Conor. Thanks for visiting.


I started this project because I love radio.


I actually remember the moment I got hooked on radio. It was in 2008. A friend was telling me about a radio play that aired in 1938. It was the Orson Welles production of “The War of The Worlds”. It was about an alien invasion of Planet Earth and was performed in the style of a series of news reports. For a variety of reasons, thousands of people who tuned in that night believed these fictional news stories were fact and took to the streets in sheer panic. They were trying to evacuate the cities. There was mass hysteria. It was crazy.


When my friend told me about this broadcast, I decided to go online to find the original recording. I didn’t find it, but what I did find changed me…


I came across a radio show called ‘Radiolab’ which is broadcast by a public radio station in New York called WNYC. The Radiolab team had made a radio documentary about the original broadcast.


I had never heard a radio documentary at this point. I clicked play and saw that it lasted 58 minutes. “There’s no way I’m going to listen to all of this”, I thought as I sat at my computer. How wrong I was…. 3 minutes in and I was hooked and I knew I would sit there for the next 55 minutes just listening.


This was when I discovered the power of radio. It was my gateway drug. And over the last 9 years, I have gone down the radio and podcasting rabbit holes. But purely as a consumer and a fan. Never a radio maker. But that’s what I’m looking to change with this podcast.


So this podcast is the start of a journey, and I hope you’ll join me.


I ask for your patience on the journey, too. I will be releasing the episodes in the order I recorded them. So it’s quite raw at the start. As a listener, you will be joining me on a very steep learning curve. I need your help on that learning curve.


If you have any feedback, good or bad, I want to hear from you. You can email me at conor@everydaypeople.ie. You can leave comments on each blog post. I’m on Twitter – my handle is @conorsweets. And of course I would really appreciate a rating and a review on iTunes.


And if you like the show, please tell someone.


Thank you for listening.