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My name is Conor Sweetman. I’m from Dublin.

I love when I hear about things in Ireland that make me say, “wow, I can’t believe this is happening on my doorstep”. My goal with this podcast is to find these surprising stories and share them with you.

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Trailer: What’s it all about?

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Recent Episodes

Tomi Reichental – “Belsen Boy. Dublin Man.” (~10 mins)

Anne Driscoll – “Hugging My Mugger” (~12 mins)

Colin Devereux– “Dawn Clouds” (~12 mins)

Dr John Demartini – “On The Road” (~7 mins)

Jim Norton – “Between Bridges” (~5 mins)

Paola De Angelis – “Pilates FM” (~5 mins)

Níall & Josie Ó Murchú – “In Cold We Trust” Read more. (~10 mins)

Niall Doherty – “Travelling The World Without Using Planes” Read more. (~15 mins)

Andrew Considine – “In the Name of the Father” Read more. (13 mins)

Des Mullally – “Dublin 8’s Fair City” Read more. (13 mins)

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